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When You Want a Simple Walk in the Woods
When You Want a Simple Walk in the Woods.

When You Want a Simple Walk in the Woods

by | Jun 1, 2023 | Blog

Keene Valley is known as the “Home of the High Peaks” with world-famous hiking trails around every twist and turn of scenic Route 73. We’ve hosted thousands of hikers over the years who are happy to devote their entire day to summits and vistas.  But occasionally, a guest will ask, “Is there somewhere I can just take a walk?”

We get it! Some days, you don’t have the energy to suffer and sweat your way to a summit! You just want to wander off the beaten path and bask in beauty at an easier pace. Thankfully, we’ve discovered some “gentler” trails where you can take a simple walk in the woods and find a little serenity for your soul.

BEAVER POND – Just a mile away, this sweet walk lies tucked away behind the Keene Central School.  The Beaver Pond is a short walk around a scenic pond with benches in several spots where you can sit to soak in the beauty, read a book, or eat lunch. While the entire walk only takes about ten minutes, it is truly a magical spot with mountain views in the background.  If you want a little more, you can circle the pond several times or even take a short jaunt up the connecting trail to Rooster Comb mountain.

To find the trail, turn on Trail End Rd (just at the edge of town) and park at the edge of the field across from the school. Walk across the field looking for a wooden beaver on a post which marks the entrance to the trail. If you sit quietly, you may even see the resident beaver! You’ll find more information HERE.

Fun Fact: the Beaver is the mascot for the school

LAKE ROAD – This walk takes a little more planning, but it’s well worth the effort! The Lake Road is located on the property of the Adirondack Mountain Reserve. Just two miles from our B&B, this pedestrian-only dirt road passes through stunning forest and along the Ausable River. After 3.5 miles, you’ll arrive at Lower Ausable Lake which offers breathtaking lake and mountain views. Note: only Ausable Club members are allowed to swim in the lake, so don’t bring your swimsuit! But it’s a great spot to take photos.

You do need to plan ahead for this walk because you’ll need to reserve a parking pass. The free parking passes can be ordered HERE. Reservations can be made two weeks in advance. Tickets are in high demand during the summer/fall, so don’t procrastinate if you want to enjoy this hike/walk. (And no, you can’t walk in or be dropped off. No exceptions!)

Fun Fact: Just ¼ miles beyond the lake is Rainbow Falls – one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the park.

EAST BRANCH COMMUNITY TRAILS – Designed and built by community members, these lovely trails opened in late 2022 on a wooded tract of land located on Route 9N between the towns of Keene and Upper Jay. Phase One consists of 2.5 miles of gentle hiking/biking trails that are suitable for all ages and even those with more limited mobility. As Amy put it, “You can walk these trails in your sneakers – no hiking boots required!”

The views are mostly wooded, but there are a few glimpses of mountains through the trees. This is truly a peaceful, beautiful place to walk in the woods. Even furry friends are welcome.

While the East Branch Community Trails are already a great addition to the community, fundraising is underway to add even more trails in the future. You can learn more and donate HERE.

Fun fact: Our new restaurant, the Monday Tuesday Grill, is almost across the road from the trails so you can take a hike and then pop over for dinner – only on Monday and Tuesday of course! Check out our weekly menu HERE.

PENINSULA TRAILS – About 30 minutes up the road, this trail network is nestled along the shores of Lake Placid. Many people don’t realize that it’s hard to access Lake Placid since the shoreline is almost completely privately owned. These beautiful, mostly flat trails zig and zag through the hardwood forest and swampland with several lovely lake views. In addition, the Peninsula Trails are part of a birding network so you can watch for native species as you hike.

To access the trails, you’ll drive to Lake Placid and turn on Saranac Avenue heading toward Saranac Lake. Right beside the Quality Inn, you’ll turn right onto Peninsula Way Road and drive back to the trailhead parking. Find out more HERE.

Fun Fact: Several years ago, a microburst hit these trails resulting in quite a few trees being uprooted. The trees are still lying untouched so you can see a unique view of their massive root systems.

Whether you feel like conquering a mountain or just strolling through the woods, we’ve got a trail for you! Here at the B&B, we have a nice collection of trail guidebooks and maps for your planning purposes, and we are always happy to give recommendations.

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